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Four New Collider EP's, Out Now for New Year!

Happy New Year my good friends!

To celebrate the successful change of date, there are four new Collider EP's available for download here at Big Phil Records.

They are all 'pay as you like', so I'll leave that bit up…


Introducing Collider

Collider is a new musical project from Jamie (Mr Bear) Pearson.


For a long time, I (Jamie.. hi..) have always had a strong interest in ambient music, and have been composing and experimenting with sound as long as I have…


Non Paying Venues

While on the hunt for venues to gig at around my way, I have come across so many places that do not expect to have to pay performing musicians. There are a lot, and I won't quote directly from any…

'DO!' New Mr Bear album, out now!

It took two years, moving to Maine, not playing much yoyo, and a minor mental breakdown, but I finally got 'DO!' finished and out!

I began writing for 'DO!' with the intention of creating a minimal pop record in the…


DO! Finished, and out soon..

I finished 'DO'! Just need to finalise a few boring things, which are too tedious to mention here, but I am hoping we will be in business within the week.. I'm psyched about this record, as it has taken me…