'DO!' New Mr Bear album, out now!

It took two years, moving to Maine, not playing much yoyo, and a minor mental breakdown, but I finally got 'DO!' finished and out!

I began writing for 'DO!' with the intention of creating a minimal pop record in the Mr Bear style, and found that I was so taken up in other projects, that I was beginning tunes and not finishing them. Basically, I had lost my mojo for production for a while, so spent my time on other projects, such as making hot sauce, hosting music parties with my wife at our house, creating pop up shops and art workshops with Wren, and having a full time job on the side of it all.

Then, it all went a bit wrong, I got my bum kicked by depression, quit two jobs suddenly in a row, and changed my priorities. I found myself with time on my hands to recover, and found my creativity once more. I delved deep into my library of unfinished musical projects, and spent my time finishing them. I had a blast doing it!

I am happy to have 'DO' out in the open now, as I would like to spend some time away from the whole pop genre (Apart from maybe some live work) and move into my first musical love, ambient and experimental music and sound. My mind is bursting with new ideas right now, and I am very much looking forward to realising them.

In the meantime, please enjoy DO! , and any feedback is always welcome!

16 new and original tracks, inspired by the sounds and music that made me buzz when I was a kid growing up in Britain in the 1980's. Electro pop and exciting new synth sounds were all over the radio. Video games were on tape, and made awesome sounds. Summer holidays went on forever, and we had bmx's for x wings, and sticks for lightsabers.

Computer generated sound made me buzz as a kid, and still does as a grown up. I have utilized many of those sounds from my childhood, to make a positive and upbeat techno pop record.

'DO!' is available from the Big Phil Records Shop, and from the Mr Bear CDBaby store pageĀ 

Or click the picture to be taken directly to the store.

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