It been a busy few weeks here at Big Phil Records… Lots of happenings since the launch of the website. Firstly, there have been some cool  things added to the website, firstly  three free VST synths, courtesy of Sporsmaal2  from Tegleg Records, available here  -


Secondly, the shop has been updated, with both Mr Bear albums for sale, and a new section with T-shirts and caps! Gents and  Ladies sizes are available. I tried to keep prices low, so some have backprints and some don’t. Obviously the ones without backprints will be cheaper, so its up to you innit.   You’ll find all that stuff here…


Thirdly, there will be a whole load of releases during the year, the first being a new Mr Bear album, titled ‘Wind Farm’. This is the ambient record I have been going on about for so long… Should be out late Feb/Early March.. Also on the horizon, is the first Pianobong record, a budget price Mr Bear ‘Leftovers’ album, a whole new Mr Bear techno record, and possibly a recipe book. But, we’ll see about the recipe book.

I’m still working on the photo’s, and the ‘Big Phil Art’ section, but don’t worry, that’s all coming soon.

As you probably know, ‘Big Digger’ by Mr Bear was featured on a BBC6 Music show and podcast a couple of weeks ago… The podcast is still available to download, you will find it here –  (The one with Mr Bear on is dated Mon 24th Jan, 2011, but get em all!)

Phew... I think that’s about it.


Mr Bear



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