Peter, Do, Old Country, Ska, shops and hot sauce.

So, here's the latest. Boy, are we busy right now. Lets start with some Mr Bear news. Mr Bear will be releasing a free 4-track EP called 'Peter', featuring the boys from Bradshaw, a Thirsk, UK based 3 piece hip hop, rock, macho-pop group, one of whom is Mr Bear's brother, one of whom has been in very nearly every band Mr Bear has been in, and the last of whom is just an all round good bloke and good friend. You'll like Bradshaw. They write songs about how gorgeous they are, and how much ladies like them, even though they have wives and kids. What's not to like? So, anyway, they sent me a twenty minute recording of themselves getting toasted in the studio, and saying 'Now Then Peter' over and over again, and I sampled it and made four tracks out of it. Three feature the Bradshaw Boys, one is an instrumental. So, it'll be out soon, within weeks, especially if Mike Bradshaw gets the photos to me sharpish. Did I mention it is FREEEEEEE? Well, guess what.. Its a free ep! So I shall accept no excuses about anything. One click, and you will have more bleepy pop with some Thirsk humour garbled all over it to keep you amused till you hit the 'next' button, like the ipod kids we are.

Also from Mr Bear - A full length album called 'Do'. It's halfway written, will be very minimal sounding, very pop, very electro, and will feature some re-works of some old tunes that never got a look in. But you'll have to wait a wee while for that yet...

Also from Mr Bear (I know.. Ready to hit 'Next' yet?) 'Old Country' EP. Might not even call it that either. This is basically me doing my ambient post rock thing, and I might not even do it as Mr Bear yet, such will be the difference in sound. The music is written around songs which all came to me in various dreams, something which happens to me often, the difference here, is I was dreaming of Thirsk (my old UK home town) every time. Hey, it's MY head, I can do what I like. This has been a slow burner for a year or so now, but it's in the works.

Mr Bear is also considering doing a ska record, featuring as many friends as I can get to record something for me, but thats waaaaay in the future. So, back to the now, keep an eye out for the 'Peter' EP!

Wren  (Mrs Bear) and I have been crazy busy getting settled into our home in Maine, and setting up our shop in our front room, 'Fuego Diablo' which will have all kinds of art, foodie stuff, hot sauce, hand made t-shirts and whatever else we can get our arty little mitts on. There will be a page here, but for now, do have a look at our facebook page right here -!/fuegodiablopownal for updates, photos, and all the business. Wren is currently busy painting anything she can lay a brush on, making ketchup and pickles, and making the place look spectacular. I'm busy developing hot sauce for my latest project 'Big Phil's Kitchen' which will be come a regular feature of the shop, and basically putting hot peppers in anything I can think of. Candied Habanero, anyone?

So, keep yer eyes open for whichever happens first!


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