Introducing Collider

Collider is a new musical project from Jamie (Mr Bear) Pearson.


For a long time, I (Jamie.. hi..) have always had a strong interest in ambient music, and have been composing and experimenting with sound as long as I have had a laptop and a set of headphones. I felt that the difference between my electronic pop music, and my ambient music had become so large, that I needed to separate the two. Collider is the result.

Collider is a far removed sound from the techno-pop sound of Mr Bear. Collider concentrates on deep ambient music, chillout and experimental sound. Inspired by the music of Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, William Basinski, Stars of the lid (and so on, and on and on...), Collider is often without rhythm or any discernable structure, concentrating more on sound, echo, and layering of chords and simple riffs.

'Coastal' will be Colliders debut release, an EP consisting of one title track, with deep ambient and looped mixes of the main arrangement.

You can hear a demo version of the title track below.

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