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Four New Collider EP's, Out Now for New Year! 

Happy New Year my good friends!

To celebrate the successful change of date, there are four new Collider EP's available for download here at Big Phil Records.

They are all 'pay as you like', so I'll leave that bit up to you.

Enjoy, and chill out to some new ambient sound from Collider.

Click the pic to preview and download.

A long overdue note on depression, anxiety and the trouble it causes me. 

Just over a year ago, I had an episode with depression and anxiety that I could not ignore. It's a year and a bit later. I've left two jobs, and managed to stay in one. I've tried different combo's of anti depressant/anxiety meds, before settling on a daily 60mg dose of fluoxetine, or prozac to give it its common name. Ive had some fairly minor panic attacks, and a couple of major ones. I've leveled out somewhat, thanks to the meds, but I'm not cured. Im handling my condition a lot better, but it still…

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Introducing Collider 

Collider is a new musical project from Jamie (Mr Bear) Pearson.


For a long time, I (Jamie.. hi..) have always had a strong interest in ambient music, and have been composing and experimenting with sound as long as I have had a laptop and a set of headphones. I felt that the difference between my electronic pop music, and my ambient music had become so large, that I needed to separate the two. Collider is the result.

Collider is a far removed sound from the techno-pop sound of Mr Bear. Collider…

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A Note On Mental Health, And The Bother It Occasionally Gives Me - Part 5 

So, I am going back to a new doctors soon, and will probably be back on the meds. I don’t take this choice lightly, as my moods have been dipping drastically (and unfortunately, noticeable to others) and my anxiety has been peaking. I have no explanation for it, but I know something new must be done. I feel I have got so far on my own, without medication, and sticking with my plan of diet, exercise and generally being as busy as I can manage, but just recently, the levels became peak s and troughs once…

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A note on mental health, and the bother it occasionally gives me, Part 4 

This was written about three weeks ago, with the intention of adding more, but it never happened. So, I decided to post what I had originally written as a stand-alone blog. It’s still in the ‘stream of consciousness’ style of writing, so sorry if it seems a bit babbling. Actually.. No. I’m not sorry. It’s from the heart, and one should never apologise for that. Read on…


Is emptiness an emotion? Or despair? Or hopelessness? I can’t tell, because one of the effects of depression isn’t just feeling a bit…

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Non Paying Venues 

While on the hunt for venues to gig at around my way, I have come across so many places that do not expect to have to pay performing musicians. There are a lot, and I won't quote directly from any single one, but the general line is this - "We offer our space to performers for free, giving you the chance to showcase your music, while bringing business into our establishment. There is no compensation, although you are allowed to sell any cd's you may have, and we encourage you to bring a tip jar.”


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